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Tracking Your Golf Cart

by | May 25, 2010

Golf carts that run on batteries are becoming more popular and some municipalities are allowing them on streets as long as they are retrofitted with basic street and safety gear.

One problem with golf carts is that they can be relatively easy to ‘hot-wire’ and steal. Anti-theft devices are not a mainstay on these vehicles. That is why it is almost imperative that they be outfitted with GPS tracking devices.

Whether golf carts are used on golf courses or out on the streets of your town, their popularity and use of battery power make them highly sought after by thieves.

Recently, a golf cart that was retrofitted with a GPS tracking device helped recover the unit and at the same time, helped uncover a marijuana growing operation as well. This took place in Monroe, Michigan. The device that provided the location information was from HoloTrak. The model that was installed in the cart was the Smart Tracker.

The owner of the cart activated the device once he learned that it was missing from his property, and then used HoloTrak to locate it for him. At that point, he contacted local authorities who found his golf cart and the drug operation at the same time.

Now the customer has all of his golf carts outfitted with these units with Smart Trackers.

The unique thing about the Smart Tracker is that it allows you to install the device on an asset such as a golf cart without activating it and incurring monthly monitoring charges. You can install them, and then activate them remotely as needed.

Using these devices, you can outfit almost any fleet of recreational vehicles and track for theft 24 x 7. With the available geo-fencing option, you can get text alerts if the cart breaks a boundary set by you.

It’s a complete security package for golf businesses or individuals who want to own and drive these carts around their towns. And the price comes in at under $200.00!

Consider, also, that these Smart Tracker devices are perfect for other asset tracking applications, too.

Not only can you obtain these devices for any vehicle, you can add a starter interrupter for less than $25.00. This way, once you discover that the vehicle has been stolen, you can render it inoperable while you wait for police to make a recovery.

Smart Tracker devices from HoloTrak are not only a good idea, they are the best idea to help you protect your assets.


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