The modern agriculture industry requires the purchase of expensive equipment and vehicles that often have to sit unwatched in remote locations for extended periods. A telematics solution from HoloTrak can let you know that equipment is safe.

Protect Your Investment

HoloTrak’s devices can help ensure your vehicles, trailers, combines, tractors, and attachments are protected from theft and unauthorized use.

  • REasy to install, IP67 rated equipment supporting powered or unpowered installations
  • RSet up geofences for virtual boundaries and be immediately alerted on arrival or departures and unauthorized after-hours use instances
  • RManage it ALL on a single, robust platform
  • RActivity history is stored for one year to support reporting or confirmation needs

Better Manage Your Equipment

Improve the performance of your equipment by moving to a preventative maintenance program. 

  • RHelp automate your maintenance program schedule with alerts based on mileage or hourly use
  • RAlerts for upcoming or overdue maintenance

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