Field Services

HoloTrak has the tools you need to optimize your field services operations.

Better Visibility to Optimize Operations and Operators

Customer service, responsiveness, and fleet efficiency are critical differentiators in today’s highly competitive service industries. Improved dispatching and routing mean more accurate ETAs and happier customers. Better visibility into not just where your assets are but how your drivers are behaving behind the wheel mean you can better manage your team.

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Advanced Capabilities
Give You More Control

A HoloTrak solution gives you the ability to do more than just basic management.
You can monitor not only your assets but the employees who use them. You can also: 

  • RCapture photos or customer signatures digitally
  • RSend accurate estimated arrival times straight to customers
  • RUtilize mobile phones or iPads
  • RUpgrade your preventative fleet maintenance with predefined maintenance alerts and over-the-air Diagnostic Trouble Code reading
  • RBecome Electronic Logging Device compliant
  • RManage assets, even at the equipment level: trailers, mowers, welding machines, generators, pumps, etc.
  • RIntegrate Bluetooth tagging, allowing you to monitor tool and inventory usage
  • RControl where your employees go and monitor where they’ve been
  • RSchedule employee tasks, send those tasks to the employee's smartphone, then watch their performances
  • REmployees communicate with you and dispatchers using convenient two-way communications
  • RAnalyze the results of every job performed, taking into account the time spent in every task, at every location, and spent fuel

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