Government and Public Safety

The public expects expedient service and response times, and that’s what you want to offer. With HoloTrak fleet management solutions you can.

Improved Dispatching and Monitoring

Our fleet management telematics solutions help you maintain or improve service expectations—even with limited budgets.  

    • R24/7 web-based location & status for your complete fleet
    • RSee the whole fleet on one screen or drill down to individual vehicles on state-of-the-art maps
    • RImprove driver safety with instant accident alerts
    • RAlerts for hard stops, cornering, or acceleration to decrease wear & tear and fuel use
    • RActivity history is stored for one year to support reporting or confirmation needs

    Dispatching & Workforce Management Tools

    • RDispatching software to streamline your operations and dispatch the closest vehicle
    • RImprove routing, and reduce idling time to save fuel and improve fleet utilization
    • RUtilize mobile phones or iPads
    • RMeet FMCSA compliance requirements with an Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

    Better Manage Maintenance

    By better managing fleet maintenance, you can keep costs under control and operate more efficiently.

    • RHelp automate your maintenance program schedule with alerts based on mileage or hourly use
    • RAlerts for upcoming or overdue maintenance

    Theft Prevention & Mitigation

    • RSet usable hours to alert for unauthorized after-hours use
    • RReceive alert when a vehicle or piece of equipment enters or exits a defined area (geofencing)
    • RRemotely disable the ignition to prevent further movement after a theft

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