Vehicle Tracking

Manage your vehicles on the lot, after the rental, or after the sale with a HoloTrak solution.

Affordable Risk Mitigation

HoloTrak devices are ideal for vehicle leasing companies and “buy here, pay here” auto sales, offering a reliable and easy-to-install solution that gives you the ability to reduce risk and better manage your inventory.

The Visibility and Control You Want

With HoloTrak devices protecting your fleet, you get better control of your fleet, on the lot and off, with:

  • R24/7 web-based monitoring and management of your inventory
  • RA mobile phone app that gives you control while on the go
  • RMobile management solutions that you can upsell to customers
  • RAn on-demand package that is the most cost-effective asset management solution available
  • RSimple, robust hardware that plugs into the OBD port and can be quickly installed or swapped into another vehicle
  • RExact vehicle location identification and status during repossession efforts
  • ROptional remote vehicle ignition disabling
  • RGeo-fencing capabilities that allow you to receive alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a defined area
  • RCoordination capabilities that allow to you to cooperate with authorities during recovery efforts

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