Ground Transportation

Ride-sharing options have only made the need to optimize your fleet’s safety, convenience, and affordability more critical. With a HoloTrak solution you can do all three.

Keep Your Fleet Moving

Passenger vans. Buses. Taxis. Trollies. Limousines. All of them are needed to keep people and passengers moving efficiently. That means your fleet needs to be operating efficiently. Our tools can help.

  • R24/7 web-based location & status monitoring for your entire fleet
  • ROptional GPS Vehicle Gateway with Built-in WIFI for passenger use
  • RMobile phone app for viewing on the go
  • RReporting provides insights with actionable data

Customer Convenience

  • RNo “finding a new driver” issues—send accurate estimated arrival times straight to customers


  • RConstant location monitoring that can’t be turned off like a ride-sharing driver’s mobile phone
  • RAlerts for hard stops, cornering, or acceleration to decrease wear and tear and excessive fuel use
  • RInstant accident notification alerts with exact location and time details
  • RBluetooth tag options for monitoring passengers needing additional travel assistance

Regulatory Compliance

  • RTire pressure monitoring
  • RAlerting capabilities to prevent and mitigate shipment tampering, even in the dark
  • RAlerts when your allowable temperature range is exceeded
  • RBluetooth tag integration option to monitor inventory tracking and pallet tracking

Keep Your Fleet Protected

Keeping your fleet on the road is critical to keeping passenger traffic moving. That requires better monitoring of all your assets—both your people and your vehicles.

  • RDispatching software to streamline your operations, improve routing and reduce asset dwell time save you fuel and improve fleet utilization
  • ROptimize your routes and re-route drivers based on traffic or weather disruptions to save time, fuel and customer delays
  • RCapture photos or customer signatures digitally

Preventative Maintenance Program

  • RHelp automate your maintenance program with alerts based on mileage or hourly use
  • RAlerts for upcoming or overdue maintenance

Theft Prevention & Mitigation

  • RSet usable hours to alert for unauthorized after-hours use
  • RReceive an alert when a vehicle enters or exits a defined area (geofencing)
  • RCoordinate with authorities to direct theft recovery directly to the missing asset
  • RRemotely disable the ignition to prevent further movement after a theft

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