Businesses across nearly every industry have assets, equipment, and vehicles that are critical to their operations. Knowing their locations and conditions is vital to their organizations’ long-term health and success. The right HoloTrak tracking solution can give them that visibility.


Modern agriculture requires the purchase of expensive equipment and vehicles that often have to sit unwatched in remote locations for extended periods. A telematics solution from HoloTrak can let you know that equipment is safe.

Cable & Telecom

Cable and telecommunication customers are demanding, making excellent customer service a differentiator. A HoloTrak solution helps you stand out.

Buy Here Pay Here Dealers and Auto Lenders

HoloTrak’s state-of-the-art solutions are simple to install, reliable and allow you to manage you fleet both on the lot and after the sale.


Large-scale construction work doesn’t get done without heavy machinery and a lot of equipment. Those assets need to be protected, and a HoloTrak solution can do that.

Ground Transportation

Ride-sharing options have only made the need to optimize your fleet’s safety, convenience, and affordability more critical. With a HoloTrak solution you can do all three.

Higher Education

Campuses are their own communities, filled with assets that all need to be monitored. HoloTrak can help.


The public expects expedient service and response times, and that’s what you want to offer. With HoloTrak fleet management solutions you can.

Private Investigation

Discretion and precision are critical when collecting intelligence. Getting both requires the right remote monitoring solutions. HoloTrak has them.

Rental and Corporate Fleets

HoloTrak’s state-of-the-art solutions couple easy-to-install, high-performance hardware with the features and reporting to protect and improve your business operations.

Oil and Gas

Often, your mission-critical infrastructure is dispatched to remote sites and keeping an eye on it is difficult at best. Close the distance with a HoloTrak solution.

Transport and Distribution

High-value shipments need high-end care. HoloTrak’s solutions let you monitor the location and status of your packages, containers, tanks, or other intermodal assets. 


Save time. Save money. Improve customer service. Do it all with a HoloTrak solution.

Service Technicians

Customer service, responsiveness, and fleet efficiency are critical in today’s highly competitive service industries. HoloTrak solutions can help you stand out.

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