Service Technicians

Customer service, responsiveness, and fleet efficiency are critical differentiators in today’s highly competitive service industries. HoloTrak solutions can help you stand out.

Keep Assets Protected and Performing

Use HoloTrak solutions to give you visibility into the performance of your vehicles and the technicians behind the wheel.

    Standard Fleet Management Features

    • RImprove dispatching through closest to the jobsite birds eye view
    • RImprove ETA to increase customer service and satisfaction
    • RSend accurate estimated arrival times straight to customers
    • R Manage your fleet assets and prevent/mitigate theft or loss
    • RHistoric data shows when assets arrived or departed the office or a customer’s location
    • RMonitor driver behavior to address hard starts or stops, speeding, or cornering

    Theft Prevention & Mitigation

    • RSet usable hours to alert for unauthorized after-hours use
    • RReceive alerts when vehicle enters or exits a defined area (geofencing)
    • RCoordinate with authorities to direct theft recovery directly to the missing asset
    • RRemotely disable the ignition to prevent further movement after a theft

    Keep Workers and Customers Happy

    For companies built around field service, keeping customers happy is critical, and a HoloTrak solution can help you do that.


    Leading Edge Field Service Management Tools

    • RField Service dispatching software to streamline operations
    • RCapture photos or customer signatures digitally
    • RSend accurate estimated arrival times straight to customers
    • RUtilize mobile phones or iPads
    • RUpgrade your Preventative Fleet Maintenance with predefined maintenance alerts and over-the-air Diagnostic Trouble Code reading
    • RElectronic Logging Device compliance capability
    • RAsset management even at the equipment level is possible: trailers, mowers, welding machines, generators, pumps
    • RBluetooth tag integration option allows you to monitor tool and inventory usage

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