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HoloTrak helps individuals and businesses of all sizes protect themselves and their assets by providing location-based tracking devices that can not only identify where an asset is but also how it’s performing.

Devices to Meet Your Needs

Whether the need is for a single device or 1,000 devices, HoloTrak has solutions that can meet any need and provide the kind of visibility and data a business needs to make smarter decisions and protect its investments.

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Leading Technology at Affordable Prices

Tracking technologies are always evolving. From GPS to Bluetooth gateways, there’s always something new to learn, and at HoloTrak we have a mandate to always make sure we know the latest so we can pass that information on to you.

To make sure we are offering the most up-to-date technologies, all of our devices meet PTRCB and FCC certification standards and undergo extensive field testing before we bring them to market. This ensures that they will not only meet your needs but exceed the highest standards set for the industry.

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