Rental and Corporate Fleets

HoloTrak’s state-of-the-art solutions couple easy-to-install, high-performance hardware with the features and reporting you need to protect and improve business operations.

Visibility Into Your Fleet and It’s Performance

Without a fleet tracking and telematics solution, knowing what’s happening with your vehicles is difficult at best. A solution like HoloTrak’s gives you the visibility you need to make smart decisions.

Know Your Fleet

  • RSee the whole fleet on one screen or drill down to individual vehicles on state-of-the-art maps
  • RAlerts for hard stops, cornering, or acceleration to decrease wear & tear and fuel use
  • RActivity history is stored for one year to support reporting or confirmation needs

Preventative Maintenance Program

  • RHelp automate your maintenance program with alerts based on mileage or hours
  • RAlerts for upcoming or overdue maintenance

Keep Your Investments Safe

A HoloTrak solution will also make sure your vehicles can’t be used inappropriately and give you options if they are.

Theft Prevention & Mitigation 

  • RSet usable hours to alert for unauthorized after-hours use
  • RReceive alerts when vehicle enters or exits a defined area (geofencing)
  • RCoordinate with authorities to direct theft recovery directly to the missing asset
  • RRemotely disable the ignition to prevent further movement after a theft

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