Higher Education

Campuses are their own communities, filled with assets that all need to be monitored. NimbleTrak can help. 

Full Fleet Visibility

Integrating all aspects of campus fleets into a single platform can improve campus safety and security, provide actionable intelligence, and lead to greater efficiency.

    • R24/7 web-based location & status for your complete fleet
    • RMobile phone app for viewing on the go
    • RUser-defined reports provide insights with actionable data

     Student and Faculty Safety

    • RInstantly know where your security or maintenance crew is located and reduce response times during emergencies
    • RRemotely monitor ground transportation vehicle location to reroute or dispatch during an event
    • RAlerts for hard stops, cornering, or acceleration to decrease wear & tear and excessive fuel use
    • RInstant accident notification alerts with exact location and time details

    Easier Asset Protection

    Whether it’s keeping your vehicles operating properly or making sure your other assets are safe from theft, the right tracking solution can give you peace of mind.

    Preventative Maintenance Program

    • RHelp automate your maintenance program with alerts based on mileage or hourly use
    • RAlerts for upcoming or overdue maintenance

    Theft Prevention & Mitigation

    • RMonitor not just vehicles but trailers, equipment, and nearly any other asset your institution needs to monitor and manage
    • RBluetooth tag integration option allows you to monitor tool and inventory usage
    • RSet usable hours to alert for unauthorized after-hours use
    • RReceive alert when vehicle enters or exits a defined area (geofencing)
    • RCoordinate with authorities to direct theft recovery directly to the missing asset
    • RRemotely disable the ignition to prevent further movement after a theft

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