Protecting Your Assets. Improving Your Business.

HoloTrak helps individuals and businesses of all sizes protect themselves and their assets by providing location-based tracking devices that can not only identify where an asset is but also how it’s performing.

Vehicle Tracking

Locate your vehicles no matter where they are, whether it’s on the lot or off the lot after the rental or sale.

Trailer Tracking

Get visibility into the locations and conditions of your trailers and the cargo that’s inside

Reefer Monitoring

Temperature-sensitive shipping requires a close eye on trailer conditions. Get that visibility with a HoloTrak solution.

Asset Tracking

It’s not just vehicles or equipment that are mission-critical. Other assets are too, and we can give you visibility into their locations and conditions.

Field Services

Empower your employees and better manage your fleet of vehicles so your business operates most efficiently and most profitably.

ELD Compliance

We can do more than change how your team tracks hours behind the wheel; we can help you transform the way you run your business.

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