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Press Release: HoloTrak Unveils New Intuitive User Interface Designed to Speed and Simplify GPS-Based Tracking

by | Oct 27, 2022

ALEXANDRIA, VA. (Oct. 27, 2022)HoloTrak, a leading provider of location-based tracking solutions, is rolling out HoloFleet, its new, powerful, and easy-to-use user interface that leverages a fresh look and feel to deliver a pacesetting GPS-based tracking experience.

HoloFleet meets the growing demand for faster, better solutions to capture and process today’s roaring streams of operational data into business intelligence that’s actionable, today and tomorrow, according to HoloTrak.

Designed from the ground up by HoloTrak, HoloFleet presents a completely different and modern approach to tracking assets. The layout creates a visual journey that guides users along grids providing consistency and ease of use throughout HoloFleet, while incorporating a color scheme along with icons so users access critical information with a great deal of simplicity.

“HoloFleet fully reflects our modern, holistic approach to helping our customers best manage their assets, vehicles, and drivers while also tracking their performance in the field,” says Mike Kollat, director of sales, HoloTrak. “HoloFleet is an intuitive experience, which makes using the new interface simple and straightforward.”

HoloFleet key highlights include:

  • Quickly access visibility to devices, vehicles, and drivers
  • Easily search and locate for a specific asset or group of assets
  • Locate and view specific details of your assets
  • Easily toggle between map and asset list views
  • Create alerts
  • View and create custom reports
  • View and create geofences


The HoloFleet environment stands out from the moment the user opens it. Its clean uncluttered design signals that it is a one-of-a-kind, up-to-the minute solution to tracking assets and devices. HoloFleet’s layout consists of function-specific dashboard panes and a sophisticated map design to transform tracking into a quick-to-grasp visual journey. Users are guided along grids to ensure consistent ease of use across all screens. A crisp color scheme of primarily black and white coupled with sleek icons ensures users can view simply and quickly what they need to know.

HoloFleet user experience features:

  • Custom Geofencing – HoloFleet, can import pre-defined geographic boundaries such as country, state, city, county, or census blocks and use these boundaries as geofences. This is especially useful for equipment and car rental applications where the lessee restricts the movement of assets beyond city or state lines.
  • Cluster View is a unique feature that determines the total number of your assets for a certain geographical area.
  • Map View is a contemporary representation with dark and light modes along with satellite view. Iconography helps distinguish between moving assets and stationary assets.
  • Inputs and outputs are easily configurable and accessible. View vehicle speed, ignition status, etc., and send commands without having to move between screens or views.


HoloFleet is also available as an Apple iOS app or Android app and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play, respectively.  The app version has the look and feel and all the capabilities of the desktop version of HoloFleet, including the highly sophisticated map design.

About HoloTrak:

HoloTrak is an Internet of Things company that helps businesses of all sizes protect their assets by providing real-time location-based services.

For more information, visit HoloTrak.com or email info@holotrak.com or sales@holotrak.com, or phone 1+(703)962-7584, or mail to: 5680 Kingstowne Dr., Suite 624, Alexandria, VA 22315.

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