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The ATS-30 is an ideal tracking solution for almost any tracking application— long-term asset tracking, theft recovery, rental equipment tracking, parcel tracking, container tracking, covert tracking, and more. This solar-powered device features ultra-rugged construction and an optional Bluetooth connectivity allows for additional sensor integration that provides visibility into things like door openings, tire pressure, and more.

  • 4G LTE Cat M1/NB-IoT
  • BLE 5.0 option for additional sensor integration (Door Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Tire Pressure Sensor)
  • Customizable reporting options
  • Waterproof IP67 housing
  • Built-in light and temperature sensor
  • Screws/magnets for mounting
  • USB and solar-powered charging
  • Standby time without solar charging—2 hours active tracking per day
    • 10 minutes reporting, up to 320 days
    • 5 minutes reporting, up to 170 days
    • 1 minute reporting, up to 68 days

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