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GPS Tracking for Recreational Rental Shops

by | Aug 24, 2017

HoloTrak supports a wide range of equipment and vehicle rentals for recreational businesses:


  • GPS Tracking for Boat Rental
  • GPS Tracking for 4-Wheeler Rental
  • GPS Tracking for Side-by-Side ATV Rental
  • GPS Tracking for Jeep Rental
  • GPS Tracking for Snowmobile Rental
  • GPS Tracking for Scooter Rental
  • GPS Tracking for Golf Carts Rental – for Golf Courses and non-Golf


GPS Tracking for recreational rental shops helps with operational efficiency. Customers get caught up in their fun and late returns are common. Wouldn’t it be nice to look at a map and see that a customer looks like they’re very close to returning on time? It will also help you to see, in the unfortunate situation, that a customer is far away and possibly late or very late.


GPS Tracking for recreational rental shops also helps with safety. Customers typically fill out a waiver and they’re offered insurance to cover your equipment in case of an accident. GPS tracking can also help prevent behavior that in the past was problematic. You can set up geofence alerts around troublesome areas or areas that customers are not allowed to enter. You can set up speed alerts. Also, if you’ve ever been in a situation where you need to go out to where the rental is but the location information is vague you can now simply look up the location. Location lookup can be done before you go or on the way via a mobile device. If the rental is moving and you need to find it you now have the ability to track it down with constant updates on movement.


GPS Tracking for recreational rental shops is an important theft deterrent. Any of the types of rental shops listed above are vulnerable to theft. With geofence alerts and alerts-on-battery disconnect you’ll have extra protection against equipment disappearing. Geofences with the HoloTrak system are easy to manage, flexible and a powerful anti-theft tool.


GPS Tracking for recreational rental shops can also help when you go on vacation. You can see information on how many rentals you had and how long the rental lasted. HoloTrak offers a variety of both GPS Trackers and activation plans. Our plans span the range from anti-theft infrequent tracking to full history reports with activity tracked at 1-minute intervals. Let us know what you’d like and we can put together a cost-effective solution that improves the efficiency and safety of your rental operations.


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