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GPS Trackers for Car Dealerships and Buy-Here-Pay-Here Dealers

by | Jan 6, 2021

If you own buy-here-pay-here car dealership and finance cars for people with low credit, you’re giving those people the opportunity to help build their credit once again. That’s a good thing, but it comes with a risk. You’re selling cars you own (until they are paid off) to people who have had trouble making payments in the past. How do you protect those expensive investments? The easiest thing to do is install a GPS tracking device.

Installing GPS Trackers

Placing GPS tracking devices in your cars is the fastest and quickest way to locate a car once someone is sufficiently behind on their payments. If they are not responding to your attempts to collect payment, you can quickly activate the attached tracking device (unless it is already activated) and see the exact location of the car on any device—a computer, a smart phone or any other mobile device. Once you know the location of the car, you can have someone either speak to your customer about past due payments or you can simply pick up your car.

The Cost of GPS Trackers

With hundreds of cars on your lot, you may be thinking that installing GPS trackers on each of them is going to be cost prohibitive. We get it! That’s why we’ve developed the Smart Tracker Program, which is exclusive to HoloTrak’s auto dealer clients. With this program, we can offer you the lowest rates possible on GPS tracking options for your entire fleet.

Make Money Through the Smart Tracker Program

The Smart Tracker Program can not only help you protect your investments, it can also offer you an opportunity for an upsell with your customers. By selling them a tracking device you are offering them peace of mind and protection on their new investment.

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